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Hair Color Success Or Failure?

Hair Breakage

How many of you have seen a picture of the prettiest hair color and thought I want this color. Did you call the nearest salon and book an appointment? The color was so beautiful, but weeks later it did not look like the same tress that you left the salon with. There are many factors you should consider before making this commitment.

The first thing you should consider is your lifestyle. Are you a wash and go client or are you the type that will spend the extra 20 minutes to have your mane looking picture perfect everyday? Color is a commitment. If you are not willing to maintain your color I would reconsider coloring your hair.

A major factor that you should consider also is consultation. Make sure the stylist that is performing your color service is a professional stylist. Check their credentials to see what their specialty is. Make sure that you ask about at home maintenance. Ask as many questions as you can about the new hue you are about to commit to.

There are other options to beautiful hair color. In many cases you might present a color to your stylist but after consulting you both might decide that this color might not agree with your lifestyle and in some cases your pocketbook. Opt for a color that does not require as much maintenance. A temporary color can be just as trendy and you can maintain the integrity of the hair.

These are a few factors that will determine if your next hue is a huge success or an epic fail. For more tips and tricks on all things about color and hair subscribe to the website @www.cheveuxsalon1.com. Q and A are welcomed. Find Your Path To Beautiful Hair.

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