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Why Did You Stop The Creamy Crack?

Relaxed Hair

Natural hair has been trending since the movie Good Hair. It is now cool to see who can rock the hottest natural when at one point it was frowned upon. According to popular belief , the movie had women thinking their hair would be in total shock if they kept relaxing their God given mane. In reality women had naturals since the beginning of time and chose to relax their hair for straighter and more manageable hair.

Fast forward, hair and fashion always repeats itself so it brings us back to our naturals that we swore we hated so much, but why? Some women claimed their hair grows when they opted for naturals. They opted for natural hair but the hairstyles included the brazilian blowouts, dominican blowouts, silk presses flatironing, and straightening weekly to look as if the hair was relaxed hair. How healthy is the hair if it requires more heat than your relaxed hair. Sometimes heat may be used two to three times a week depending on the humidity and climate. In the hot city of Houston where I reside humidity is your worst enemy especially for natural hair. Many individuals often found themselves spending more money on natural hair products. Natural hair maintenance is a bit more expensive. These are factors that you should consider before you give up the creamy crack.

The natural journey has been a life saver for some. Some women love the fact that they could wash and go. The fact that you can purchase the natural products and not spend extra hours in the salon was literally God's gift to some naturalistas. Many embraced the natural kinks and put aside the flatiron and straightening techniques. It made their lifestyle a little easier spending less time on their hair.

As a professional hair stylist I found that natural journey has to suit the individual. It might be a blessing to many and a curse to some. After taking the natural journey a lot of women decided to go back to the creamy crack because it worked for them. Having relaxed hair does not mean that the healthy and growing process has to stop. Consult and get review on a professional stylist that can maintain healthy hair. I observed my own clients and their hair was no longer and no healthier natural than it was when they were relaxed. So as the saying goes Do What Works For You. Find Your Pathway To Beautiful Hair.

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